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Obtain argument resolution at Love Court Online for parent, lover, friend, teens, co-workers and other disputes.

If you are in the midst of a heated argument with someone close to you, this is the place to find resolution for that conflict in a very short time.  Our qualified judges are chosen case by case for their life experiences that match your needs.  They have been trained in our proprietary opinion building method to find an unbiased resolution to your argument right now!  If you are stressed out from an on-going argument in your life, you have come to the right place to find argument resolution.  File a Complaint and get a Decree on  Who's Right and Who's Wrong!

Friends can get caught up in ongoing disputes that can escalate from a minor irritation into a full blown battle in critical need of argument resolution. Using a 'court metaphor' similar to small claims courts, the national Love Court Online judges are people who live the same daily experiences as you and have been carefully trained to resolve your specific issues. All personal contact information is confidential. All cases are anonymous! When you file a Complaint, it is sent to the other party, the Respondent, who has 48 hours to file an Answer. After you both have stated your case, or after 48 hours if no Answer is submitted, your case is officially filed with Love Court Online. Our trained judge has two days to write the Decree declaring "Who's Right and Who's Wrong!" File a Complaint now!

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There probably is no marriage that does not need some argument resolution along the way. Adjusting to married life is challenging at best. The inevitable emotional disputes can be very stressful and negatively impact your children and other household members. Depending on the players and the power struggles, practical argument resolution between spouses can often lead to a positive growing environment for all. Our Love Court Online judges do some of their very best work providing argument resolution, settling struggles with spouses and significant others to declare "Who's Right and Who's Wrong!"

Argument resolution is often a primary need of 'in-law' relationships. There are many cases where adult children are snared in ongoing arguments with their in-laws on everything from lifestyles to money to how to raise their own children. Then, there are the power struggles with day-care givers and teachers. Perhaps one of the most pressing needs for argument resolution is the power struggle that arises over the raising of grandchildren. According to Dr. Jim Burns, "If you want to resolve conflicts with your adult children, don't try to control them." Love Court Online offers the option to anonymously air out your differences and receive quick argument resolution; a clear insightful declaration on "Who's Right and Who's Wrong!" File a Complaint now!

The need for argument resolution is common in personal relationships. Same sex lovers find themselves caught up in ongoing homophobic and heterophobic arguments that need the cool head of a thoughtful third person who has the life experience to provide a practical resolution to those disagreements that just won't go away. Almost everyone at some time or another needs argument resolution by having someone else declare "Who's Right and Who's Wrong!" File a Complaint at Love Court Online and obtain your Decree now!

Teenagers also experience power struggles often without realizing the root of the problem. This leads to arguments that need resolving. Our teen argument resolution judges are especially sensitive to the growing needs of teens. They know how to handle problems resulting from relationships, running the gamut from friendship to popularity to romance. Keeping up with their peers can include friction in the 'to do or not to do' menu from sex to drinking to smoking to drugs to tattoos. File a Complaint now and obtain your Decree. Settle it here!

Although one does not often think about issues in the workplace ballooning into full-scale arguments, this is not uncommon. Argument resolution at work is particularly difficult where personal relationships between co-workers become overly competitive or a boss begins to make unwanted advances towards someone under his management. If you are a worker experiencing any kind of bullying, you can File a Complaint and obtain full argument resolution. Settle it here with a Decree from a Love Court Online Judge declaring "Who's Right and Who's Wrong!

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Argument Resolution
When you are in the midst of an ongoing argument, the closer you are to the person, the more stress you feel. The sooner you File a Complaint, the sooner you will get clear resolution. Love Court Online offers you a simple step by step process that provides the ability for you to take your loved one to court - Love Court Online. The process is simple:

  • file your Complaint,
  • have your Complaint forwarded to your Adversary to file an Answer, and
  • receive an unbiased Decree from one of our trained online judges ruling who's right and who's wrong

Getting it right

Red GavelIt goes without saying that when you are in the midst of an ongoing dispute, you need an unbiased opinion to assist you in reaching argument resolution. "You know that you are right. Prove it!" Take your loved one to Love Court Online and obtain your Decree. After receiving the judge's ruling, you might be able to say "I told you so!"

Other times, you may feel that you disagree with the Decree. If so, we have an appeals process. Once you receive your Decree, you can appeal the ruling with new information to a different judge. Maybe you'll get a different ruling by providing additional facts. You can appeal as many times as you want. And if you're still not satisfied, by all means appeal your argument resolution Decree to the Love Court Supreme Panel of three judges to obtain a final ruling. The Supreme Panel Decree is the final word. You know you are right, and this time you are going to prove it!

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